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About Kansas City Pallets


Kansas City Pallets is a division of Specialty Lumber Enterprises, a sister corporation to Specialty Lumber Solutions.   SLE acquired the warehouse and manufacturing equipment of Pickens Pallets in October of 2012.  Pickens Pallets under the guidance of Shelly Pickens, has served the KC metro area for over 27 years as a locally owned and operated supplier of rebuilt and recycled pallets. 

The original partners of SLE envisioned utilizing the warehouse and manufacturing facility to store high quality new lumber as well as quality salvaged lumber.  With these materials, SLE planned to store specialty lumber and train local youth to build quality furniture out of salvaged or reclaimed lumber. As we all know plans change.

Mr. Pickens offered to sell his pallet recycling equipment and the lumber that was still on site.  With a hand shake Kansas City Pallets was born.




Specialty Lumber Solutions
1301 E. 31st Street, Kansas City, MO 64109.  Phone 816-569-3075

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