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Welcome to Kansas City Pallets


Welcome to Kansas City Pallets! We are your locally owned, supplier of quality pallets and pallet recycling services. Whether you are looking for recycled pallets or new pallets, we offer a full range of pallets including heat treated and customized pallets to meet your company’s shipping needs.

Pallet recycling is our business. If you have excess or junk pallets in the Kansas City Metro area, give us a call to remove your excess pallets in an environmentally friendly manner. Do not send them to the landfill in a dumpster. When you have Kansas City Pallets remove your pallets, you can rest assured they are being recycled. Typically we can save your company 25% over the cost of roll-off or dumpster service. In some cases, we can actually pay you for your pallets if they are the right size (48×40 GMA) and condition.

What does Kansas City Pallets do with recycled pallets?

  1. Fix or repair pallets to be resold in the Kansas City area
  2. Break down odd size pallets to be made into custom size pallets
  3. All scraps are turned into mulch and never sent to the landfill
  4. Nails are recycled as scrap metal

We are located in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri and we are committed to Kansas City and the urban core of the metro area.

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Kansas City Pallets
3824 Fremont Ave., Kansas City, MO 64129.  Phone 816-569-3075

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